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John Vibert and Mary Neell

married February 26, 1705/6 in Saybrook Connecticut

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Hi everyone

The February updates are listed below.  This is one of the smallest I've done but I'm happy to be able to say that the second update of the year is done.  I won't make any promises but I will continue to take things one month at a time.  Happy hunting!

Judging by the monthly site traffic reports I receive, it looks like we still get a fair number of visitors each month.  Perhaps some of you have been checking back looking for updates and not finding them as often as promised.  Although I hope to update more often this year, after the past year I can't promise it will be on the regular monthly schedule I would like.  But I would be happy to send out a notice whenever I post updates to anyone who sends me their email address. 

The easiest way to do this is to click below to get to the website then in the red strip at the top click on "Contact Us".  That will bring up a message form which includes your email address.  Just fill it out and, in the Comments space, ask to be added to my Update Notification List.  It would also be helpful if you include the branch of the family you are interested in.  I would love to hear from all of my visitors!  Thanks to all of you for your support over the years.

Ann Vibert Wuelfing     

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Additional Information About This Site

More Data:

The site generates pages "on the fly" from a database which contains every person I have data about.  It protects the privacy of living persons by not displaying personal data for anyone who has no date of death and was born after 1900.  All persons deemed to be living are shown simply as "Privatized + surname" with no other data available. 

Please keep in mind that all documents are only accessible from the lists on the page of each direct descendant of John and Mary (Neell) Vibert.   It is also worthwhile checking the page belonging to the Vib-related parent of the person you are interested in since sometimes documents related to children may be listed there instead.

If you have a problem trying to look at any document(s), please be sure to let me know which document is causing the problem and I will try to get it fixed.  The site currently contains over 18,000 documents so there are bound to be a few bad eggs!

The database itself contains the latest information I have entered into my own FamilyTreeMaker database as of the most recent update.  Also, some information on certain female branches is being added as time permits.  These include the ancestry of Dorcas Dix, wife of James Vibert (generation 2), Lovina Wrisley, wife of Timothy Vibert (generation 4), Nancy Loomis, wife of Oliver Vibert (generation 5), Margaret Fallow, wife of Watson Vandon Vibert (generation 6), Marjorie Ruthven Monteith, wife of Robert King Vibert (generation 7) and Eileen Mary Hawkes, wife of John Witherspoon Vibert (generation 8).  Unfortunately, I have little information on Mary Neell, wife of John Vibert (generation 1) and Betty (--?--), wife of John Vibert (generation 3) at this time and no information on their ancestry.

More Documents:


In the most recent monthly site update, documents were added for the following families:


Generation 6
Alice (Vibbard) (McCoy) (Cary) (Korns) Glaspie
Generation 7
Catherine Eunice (Vibbert) (Caruso) Pomponio
Charles M. Vibbard
Donald Quinn Vibbert
Generation 8
Anna Marie (Vibbard) Gomola
Charles William Vibbert
Ira Curtis Vibbard
Marjorie Ruth (Muldoon) Nelson
Olive Lenore (Vibbard) (King) (Roth) Hendrix
Generation 9
Archie Isaac Vibbard
Herschel Clay Vibbert
Joe Thomas Vibbert
Venia D. (Vibbert) Poindexter
Generation 10
Billy Clarence Vibbert
Garvin Cooley Vibbert

More Features:

In addition, the site design includes full indexing and searching for all names.  Other features of the site include the ability for each visitor to bookmark persons they return to often, better display of sources and notes, built-in ancestor and descendant charts and improved support of printing.

A popular feature of the site is that all documents relating to each descendant of John Vibert and Mary Neell can be found displayed in the lower part of their page where they can be opened and downloaded. 

Finally, in addition to providing a Contact Us direct email facility on the Search page, the site also has a great Suggest feature on the Person pages which allows you to email me updated information about that person.  It automatically generates a subject heading of "Proposed Change: [name of person] and embeds specific information in the body of the message to guide me back to exactly the page you were looking at.

Known problems:

There is still at least one remaining problem with the privatization of individuals who may still be living.  The program that loads the data does not seem to be keeping good track of the order of children in families that contain privatized persons.  Since no actual data is being displayed for these people, it is a minor, though somewhat annoying, problem that I hope you will overlook.  As always though, please let me know if you spot any remaining persons who are not being privatized correctly. 

Another known problem is duplication of facts and notes for certain individuals.  This problem has largely been eliminated but there are still a few duplicated facts and notes I have not yet cleaned up.  Please be patient - these will gradually be eliminated over time.

Finally, some of the menu functions on the Search page are not working yet - there are no entries under Most Wanted and Reports yet, the Cemeteries link is not yet connected to my cemetery pictures and the Dates and Anniversaries link is working, but very slow.  The What's New link is also working but it is not providing any useful information since all the data is considered new by the database. 

If you spot any problems with the site which are not mentioned above, please let me know.

Still available from this page:

The PDF book version of the Descendants of John Vibert and Mary Neell is still available from this screen as before and will continue to be updated each month until it is moved to the new site.  The photo galleries of cemetery pictures are also available here for now but will not be updated.  Eventually all the pictures will be moved to the new site as well.


Thanks for all of your interest and support over the past years.  I hope that the new site will continue to be of use to you all in the future.  For those of you who have contributed material, a special thanks.  For those who have not, please consider doing so.


And now over to the actual site:

Please note that once you are on the "Search" page, you will need to search for a name to get started.  You can start by searching for your ancestor and then moving up and down the tree by clicking on the links (as in the old site) or you can start at the top by typing in John Vibert.  I recommend that you click the Bookmark button when you are looking at pages you plan to return to - this will allow you to go directly to those pages in the future without searching.  Enjoy!

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(and including Viberts, Vibberts, Vibarts, Vibbarts and Vibbards and other variations)

Editor's Corner - February 15, 2016

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