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101 Earl seems to think James Monterey had another wife named Junetta A. (--?--) but I think they are the same woman. Speir, Arabella Juanetta (I2084)
102 Earl uses the spelling Barclay but the DC says Barkley so I don't know where he got the other spelling. Barkley, Sarah Jane (I5823)
103 Earl Vibbard has another son named Elisha born 3/1837 (the same monthThompson and Catherine were married). If the DOM is correct, thenthere are 4 years between it and their second son Elijah and it'spossible they had two children before Elijah in October 1841. If so,Elisha must have died young and it isn't clear if he was born first orsecond. And since there is much confusion over Orrin's DOB, it's alsopossible Elisha never existed. So I will not add him until I have another source.

In the Iowa 1885 census, Thompson is emumerated as "George" Vibbard,age 69, living with his daughter Aemelia and her first husband Thomas Carey. 
Vibbard, Thompson (I1980)
104 Earl's DOB might be a misread of May (or vice-versa). Vibbard, Timothy Jr. (I1995)
105 East Boston Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison County, New York
Source (S1153)
106 East Boston Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison County, New York
Source (S1181)
107 Edith and John were actually married in Fall River but there is also a record in Medford MA (John's residence) and that has his full name. Luscomb, John Franklin (I1679)
108 Elbert appears (based on the 1870 and 1880 censuses) to be the onlyson of Wales and Julia Bunnell. In the 1900 census, Bertha Bunnell islisted as their granddaughter and in the 1910 census, she is shown asthe daughter of Adelaide Mabel (Hosmer) Bunnell Beers. Therefore Elbert must be the Bunnell that Addie was married to in 1900. Bunnell, Elbert (I10740)
109 Eli apparently married this unknown woman soon after the death of hisfirst wife Armenia but he was divoirced from her by the 1910 census and living with his daughter Lovisa. (--?--), Unknown (I11541)
110 Eliphalet was born to Jesse and Martha (Abbey) Vibbert in 1789. Hemarried and had his first child shortly before the 1810 census.Sometime between the 1810 and 1820 censuses, he moved his family toMadison County, New York where his aunt and uncle, Stephen and Dorcas(Vibbert) Risley (and perhaps his uncle Eligah as well) had settled earlier.

By the 1820, they had four children and two more were born in 1821 and1830 or 1831. His wife died around 1840 and he soon remarried. Hissecond wife was Betsey Burghoff, born in Westchester County. They had one more child, a daughter named Sarah Josephine, in 1844.

The other children have been identified, with the exception of theoldest daughter. They are Stephen Vibbert (who married and eventuallymoved to Michigan) and Edwin Vibbert, who married a woman named Lovinabefore the 1840 census and had at least one daughter, Alvira. He andhis daughter both died before the census date. Also Ira Vibbert whoalso married but only had one son who died without issue and Mary A,Vibbert who married John Wright and had many descendants. The lasttwo daughters, Harriet M. and Sarah J., may also have married but have not been traced yet.

Eliphalet and his second wife Betsey, who died in 1872 and 1875respectively, are buried in the Welsh Church Cemetery in Nelson,Madison County. He has descendants through at least their son Stephenand daughter Mary A. Wright and there may be others descendants through his other three daughters as well. 
Vibbert, Eliphalet (I943)
111 Elisha Vibbert, apparently the second son of James and Dorcas (Dix)Vibert, was born around 1751, according to the information from hisburial record, even though he wasn't baptized until 17 Jul 1763. Likehis brothers David, Jesse and John, he served in the Revolutionary Waralthough in his case, the service was more limited. He served as aCorporal in Col. J. Wells' Regiment of Connecticut Militia, Capt.Cone's Company. The service record indicates he was paid for 67 daysservice at New London between 23 Aug and 26 Oct 1779. Like his olderbrother James, he was apparently already married and a father by thistime - his first child was baptized in January 1777 and his second in June 1779.

His birth and death dates are both established by his gravestoneinscription preserved in a list of burials of Revolutionary Warpatriots in Brookhaven, Long Island, New York. He died 08 Aug 1798,age 47, and was buried in the Waverly Avenue Cemetery, Patchogue, LI, New York. A picture of his gravestone is available on

Before his death he was a merchant of some sort in Hartford. He seemsto have moved to Hartford sometime after the baptism of his sonWilliam in the church in East Hartford on 04 Jul 1784. He appears inHartford in the 1790 census with a family of 4 males (1 over 15(presumably Elisha himself) and 5 females. He engaged in several realestate transactions, all in Hartford, the earliest dated 21 Mar 1789 and the last 18 Jul 1797.

The name of his wife is problematic. Jacobus and others have statedthat his wife was Hannah Northrup, a daughter of Aaron and Rebecca(Hyatt) Northrup, but several records created after Elisha's deathseem to point toward a woman named Mary (--?--) as his wife. Whateverher name, she and Elisha married sometime before 05 Jan 1777 andproduced a family of at least ten children, six of whom survived to adulthood.
Vibbert, Elisha (I441)
112 Elizabeth is alone with her two children in the 1870. Turner, Elizabeth C. (I12175)
113 Ella died of cancer of the stomach after 6 months illness (per death certificate signed by Dr. Stuart Phelps of Farmington).

She is listed as "Isabel" in the Barnet history book (p. 557) butthat's the only place I have ever seen that so I presume it is a misprint. It also states she graduated from Oberlin College. - WJB

Ella's father is listed on her death certificate as Charles Ryder andno mother's name is given. All of the death certificate informationwas apparently supplied by her daughter Isabel. Her marriage certificate lists her father's name as Oliver. - AVW 
Ryder, Ella Lavelle (I94)
114 Ellen K Yount and Ellen McMinn may be the same person Vibbard, Charles Norman (I3001)
115 Emigrated from Glasgow to Newbury, Vermont in 1775. Moved from Newbury to Barnet in 1780. Kept a tavern in West Barnet.

See more information in the Vermont Families citation (pages 48-51). 
Brock, Walter (I256)
116 Erastus Johnson was the partner of Isaac Lane in the grocery businessin Petersburg although he married Sarah Elizabeth Sargent before Isaacand Sophia were married and before Isaac had moved to Pike County, Indiana. Sargent, Sarah Elizabeth (I11391)
117 Ernest was killed in a RR wreck near Jackson. Cochrane, Ernest (I11447)
118 Etta Cole Wilson and her husband owned(?) or supervised a textile millin Lowell Mass. at the turn of the century. Lura Hawkes (her cousin)worked for them for a time between abt. 1905 and 1908 as a bookkeeper. Lura also babysat the toddlers Pricilla and Dorothea. One of thosetwo married a "Harris." That branch of the family are supposed to live in Maryland now (1999/2000)  Cole, Etta Elizabeth (I629)
119 Fern is listed as a widow in 1920. Wehmeyer, Unknown (I11428)
120 Fern is living next door to her parents in 1920 and is listed as a widow. Lane, Fern Marguerite (I11424)
121 FindAGrave has an incorrect DOB of 1907 - probably a misread of the gravestone. Vibbard, Cecil Jefferson (I9218)
122 Flora and two other sisters, Anne and Helen, were taken by theirgrandparents because Harriet Bitgood, her mother, "lay a-bed 30 years"(this may have been an exaggeration by Aunts Helen Briggs and AnneDawley). However, as Betsy was already dead, Flora only knew her step-grandmother Alma (Tanner) Bitgood.

Flora was only 15 when she married Isaac Farmer Hawkes, himself then 37!

At some point she was postmistress of Howard Valley, Hampton, Connecticut.

Dorothy (Fitts) Young has a small number of clippings, unfortuantelynone indicate newspaper or date, except for the obituary of Flora Briggs, which has a penned date of "Sept. 12, 1943." ---

"Mrs. Isaac F. Hawkes. Mrs. Flora E. Hawkes, 76, widow of Isaac F.Hawkes, passed away last Sunday at the Hartford Hospital. Mrs. Hawkeshad made many friends in this vicinity during the years she made herhome with Mrs. Lydia Bartlett at East Killingly [i.e. hersister-in-law, Lydia Hawkes]. In recent years she had been livingwith her daughter, Mrs. Claude Fitts of Farmington. Born October 28,1866 in Voluntown, she was the daughter of John and Harriet BitgoodBriggs. Besides her daughter, she leaves a sister, Mrs. Esther Lewisof Voluntown, and five sons, Lester of Hampton, Bernard of Bernfield,N.D., Lewis of Farmington, Raymond of Quincy, Mass., and Clayton of West Brimfield, Mass.
"Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the TillinghastFuneral Home at 2:00 o'clock with the Rev. Kenneth M. Cooperconducting the service and committal prayer in Westfield Cemetery. The bearers were Lester, Lewis and Clayton Hawkes and Claude Fitts."
Briggs, Flora Emeline (I82)
123 Frank and Mary are buried with a bunch of people named Flenniken sothat is possibly Mary's maiden name. But so far I haven't found any other evidence (like census) to substantiate this theory. (--?--), Mary A. (I5116)
124 Frank says he is married on his WWI draft card and in the 1920 but shedoes not appear with him on the 1920 and around 1923 he marries Hazel. On the 1930 he says he was married for the first time at age 31. Hesays he is currently 38. It's possible the man in Montana isn't ourFrank J. Lane but he says on the draft card that he was born inRockford so it would be a strange coincidence. Also, there is no Frank Lane in Illinois at the time born in 1890. Lane, Frank John (I568)
125 Frederick's residence at the time he married Jane O'Dwyer appears tobe the home of her sister Mary Caraher. It is where Mary and Denis Caraher's daughter Mary Catherine was born the following January.

Frederick and Elizabeth were living at 21 Boulton Road, Handsworth,Staffordshire in the 1911 census. Shortly after the census, this areabecame part of Birmingham and apparently they stayed at the sameaddress until after James' address and at least until 1942 since the1942 letter from Elizabeth to her step-granddaughter Eileen Hawkes was headed 21 Boulton Road, Hands, Bham 21.

Apparently, Frederick and Elizabeth had at least one more child Ihaven't found any evidence of yet. In 1911, they reported 4 childrenborn of the marriage with 2 dead (preseumably Fred Jr. and the unknownchild) and 2 living (Dora and Annie). I also have another possible child, Albert, but he was born in 1917. 
Graves, Frederick Albert (I84)
126 From Barabara Baker (4/2009) - Regarding Phillip. He is a puzzle. Ifound a Clara Vibbard-dressmaker, widow of Philip G in St. Louis MO1860. The 1860 census has Philip G. Vibber-35 born NY & Clara-28 in StLouis. If this is him despite the age difference, I don't think hedied, but just took off again for the West. I question whether theyeven married. I have multiple references to him. He certainly didn'tstay put, but nothing after 1863. He doesn't show up in censuses because he was in places that weren't states.

Timeline based on Barbara's "sightings" and other facts:

3/26/1840 - marries Malvina Day in Fulton County, NY
1840 census - Fulton County, NY
12/24/1842 - Malvina dies (buried Edinburg, Saratoga County, NY)
12/24/1842-4/7/1848 - marries Maria (--?--)
1846 Chicago Business Directory-P G. Vibbard
4/7/1848 - Maria dies in Albany NY
8/5/1852: livery & stable in San Francisco (CA census)
9/20/1852 Livery Stable in Placer CA
11/28/1859 donated $500 Santa Clara, CA fairgrounds improvement
1860 census has Philip G. Vibber-35 born NY & Clara-28 in St Louis.
1860 - St. Louis MO directory - Clara Vibbard-dressmaker, widow of Philip G.
1860s involved in developing railroads in Nevada
1862 Nevada Dir PG Vibbard, miner, Aurora
4/12/1863 San Francisco P. G. Vibbard arrived from East with a splendid stallion and some very fine bucks
4/13/1863 lawsuit Nevada
11/10/1863 Power of Atty NV
4/23/1879 - registered as a voter in Bridgeport CA (occupation miner)
10/17/1882 - registered as a voter in San Francisco CA (occupation manufacturer) - listed as Philip Green Vibbard
Vibbard, Philip Green (I2399)
127 From Barbara Baker (7/12/2008):
Genda Funeral Home: Nettie Lee Smith died 5/8/2008 St VincentFrankfort Hospital, IN born 3/2/1923 Monroe Co, d/o Lensey Frank & IdaEldridge, married Harold Smith in 1953 (he died 11/1994), burial5/10/2008 Bunnell Cemetery, Frankfort IN, predeceased by 3 sisters & 6brothers. Find a Grave shows them both buried Bunnell Cemetery. Hewas born 12/13/1919 & died 11/28/1994. Clinton County Birth Index hasMilo Harold Smith born this date to Joshua & Stella Michael and 1920-30 census confirms.
From Barbara Baker (11/16/2012):
1940 census Metcalfe of Clarence Dewberry-29, Nettie wife-17 & Myrtlesister-17 is Clarence Ray Dubree & Nettie Vibbert. I hadn't been ableto figure out who the Nettie Vibbert was from all the family trees ofClarence but with a DOB abt 1923, I began to wonder if it was NettieLee-5/2/1923, d/o Lindsay & Ida. It would fit since she didn't marryMilo Harold Smith until 1953. Nettie's obit says survived by son Carl& predeceased by dau Edith Miller. Findagrave for Clarence says 3children with Nettie: Boyd, Edith & Carl. Clarence R & Nettie are inFrankfort IN Directory 1944 & 1946, so it looks like she stayed there after divorce, married Smith & Clarence went back to KY 
Vibbert, Nettie Lee (I4747)
128 From Barbara Baker - 10-11-2012
Just looking at FAG for Vibbird and found James 9/14/1829-3/3/1853,buried Jordon Cemetery, Harrison IN. Logically he should be a s/oPaul since he's the only one in Indiana 1840-50's and this is the onlybranch that used Vibbird, but 1840 census doesn't give us another male child. What do you think?
My reply - 2-8-2013
Well, I suppose he could be between Thomas and George but it's alittle hard to imagine they would name two sons James. Perhaps Jameswas actually his middle name. I considered the possibility that heand Thomas were the same person but Thomas and Rosanna's son Charleswas born about 1860 so the DOD doesn't fit. Thomas' daughter Mary isburied in the same cemetery though - seems like it's got to be thatfamily. I wonder if it's possible his name and/or dates could bewrong - the stone doesn't look in good shape. I guess for now I will add him to Paul's family. That way he's somewhere at least. 
Vibbird, James (I13609)
129 From Barbara Baker:
I think that Phyllis Vibbard married William Parsons 12/8/1945. Thatis what Earl has and her obit says they were married 45 yrs.; since he died in 4/1991 that would compute to 1945. 
Vibbard, Phyllis Jane (I6584)
130 From Barbara on 6/1/2009:
I have Caroline married Nehemiah 4/25/1856 Marlboro, but I apparently didn't source it.
Vibert, Caroline (I9566)
131 From Barbara:
I don't know anything more than what Earl had for Asenath Phillips,but, as you said, it makes sense. I just checked Earl's hand writtennotes and they say King Private Burial Ground, Saratoga Co, RFD #2 onSara Road on farm owned by (as of 1940) Mrs Cecie Perry Hodges,Arsenath B w/of L.J. Vibbard 5/31/1842. With that kind of detail I would say it's correct. 
Phillips, Asenath B. (I11615)
132 From Barnet history:

"was six weeks old when her parents left Scotland, was adopted; m. and d. in Scotland". 
Brock, Elizabeth (I405)
133 From Bill Benton:

Both WMV and WJB visited Aunt Beth in the 50's. At that time she wasliving in Pasadena, California. William Flint owned a restaurantcalled "Billy's Seafood Tavern" in Pasadena. He had it seemed several children.
Beth had no children. She used the last name Gilchrist as a pen name.
Beth knew Isabel M. Vibert Benton, whom she called "Isabellita"
They corresponded in the 1950's, setting up the visit of WJB prior to his being discharged while stationed at Twenty-nine Palms, California.

Beth is buried at McIndoe Falls. Her name is given as G. ElizabethFlint. The other half of the stone is marked for Grace ElizabethMonteith 1875-1884. Since Beth was born in 1886, I believe she was named for the dead child. 
Flint, Georgiana Elizabeth (I403)
134 From Bill Benton:

Isabel never married. Had dated RKV prior to his marriage to Marjorie.
Got by on her Violin. Had tried the Hollywood, LA scene while in her 20's
but returned to the Farmington area, where she eked out a living as a violin teacher.
Remained very close to RKV's family until her death.
Monteith, Isabel Gilchrist (I95)
135 From Bill Benton:

Prof. Monteith died while at lunch in the "Beanery" at UCONN of a cerebral hemorrhage.
He was credited with being an outstanding educator at all levels.
A building is named for him at UCONN, RKV Jr. accomplished this during his time at the State Legislature in the 50's.
He is buried in the Hillside Cemetary, Unionville, Hartford County, Connecticut
Owned the house that burned down in 1929.

After he left his administrative position in Farmington, the goodcitizens paid for him to take a trip to Europe. He had such a goodtime that he went broke while there and had to beg an additional stipend to get back.

The following appeared in the Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, "Hartford Bridge Commemorative", dated 1908,

Nellis E. DAY, the subject of this sketch, is one of the sevenchildren of Reverend and Mrs. P. R. Day. That perfect number seven isnot without meaning in their home. He was the third to enter thecircle of the Day-Holme farm at West Avon, Conn., July 30, 1871. Hereceived his early education at the little yellow (not red)schoolhouse near by, and finished his school life at the UnionvilleHigh school under Professor Monteith, since professor at StorrsAgricultural college. At the early age of 16 years he commenced hisbusiness education as clerk in the store of George Pease of Chester,Mass. At the end of the first year, a similar position being offeredhim by A. S. Hart & Son of Unionville, he resigned his position inChester, much to the regret of his employer. After several years withthis firm he joined the office force of the Upson Nut company, wherehe remained five years. In 1896 he became interested with his fatherin the fence business, under the firm name P. R. Day & Son. In 1903 hebought out his father's interests, since which time the business hasso prospered that N. E. Day, fence contractor, is favorable knownthroughout New England. He married on December 3, 1899, Miss Bertha E.Lord, second daughter of the late Reverend Daniel B. Lord of WestHartford; Donald G., their only son, is now seven years of age. Theirresidence is West Hartford. Here he has been active in church work; isone of the deacons of the First Congregational church andsuperintendent of its Bible school; a Republican in politics and atpresent a member of the board of assessors. He is also a member ofWillis Lodge, No. 99, F. and A. M. We bespeak for him a useful and hence a successful future.

A 1907/8 Hartford Suburban Directory I found at the Farmington Library lists Henry R. Monteith, Summ. Res., Farm. Ave., h. at Hartford - AVW 
Monteith, Henry Ruthven (I93)
136 From Bill Benton:
Attended Farmington High School, Loomis School
BA from Trinity College in Hartford
Retired from teaching in June 1980
Died while vacationing in Florida
Served in WW-2 as a Gunner on a B-25 in Europe
Was an Outstanding Athlete in High School and College
Always had a smile, a joke
Vibert, Peter Loomis (I21)
137 From Bill Benton:
Found on the internet-Jan 2000, by WJB:
John b.01Oct1651 Windsor,Hartford,Ct. m.(1)Mary (-) (2)30Aug1705Hester Gillett (b.27May1671) at Windsor,Hartford,Ct. d.30Nov1732 East Windsor,Hartford,Ct.
(by 1st wife)
John b.19Oct1670 d.y.
John b.22Jul1676 d.20Jan1677
Mary b.14Dec1677
(by 2nd wife)
John b.12Feb1706/7 d.y.
Esther b.13Sep1708 d.11May1730
Sarah b.26Sep1710
Damaris b.01Dec1712 d.11Jul1692
John b.21Sep1713 d.18Oct1793
Abel b.02Aug1716 d.1769
Loomis, John (I485)
138 From Bill Benton:
Hale project, East Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, pg. 164, reports:
Vibert, Joseph, died Aug. 28, 1876 age 18 yrs.
This inscription is followed by:
Vibert, Nancy Ellen, died Sept. 9, 1854 age 3 yrs. 4 mos. 5 days.
Vibert, Nancy E. wife of Oliver, died Aug. 31, 1851 age 41 yrs.
Vibert, Horace, died June 3, 1877 age 17 yrs.
WMV reports that Horace drowned in the Hockanum River. 
Vibert, Horace (I464)
139 From Bill Benton:
Two Tombstone Inscriptions listed on Internet site:
(1) Risley Job, Rev. War, 1714 - 1798
(2) Risley Job, Sergt, Rev. War, Capt. J. wells Co. 1798
Risley, Job Sr. (I501)
140 From Chris Howe (5/22/2012) - Maurice married the Lucie Walker listedin the 1930 census living with [his mother] Minnie in Ogden (she was aboarder with her sister Mary, while Maurice travelled the world for a year). Maurice died in about 1945. Walker, Lucie G. (I12687)
141 From Dan Hawkes, 3/20/2000:

Lester was married 5 times. He was married to Ida Scroggins, Ida Seive, Bessie *, Irene Thompson, and Gladys *.

The first three marriages ended in divorce. He was married for nearly2 decades to Irene. She passed away in the late 1980s or early 1990s. He married Gladys *, in the early 1990s. Lester passed away in 1995. Gladys remains at the residence in British Columbia, as of March, 2000. 
Hawkes, Lester Howard (I438)
142 From Dan Weiskotten's
Index to Death Certificates
Town of Cazenovia, NY
Source (S4379)
143 From Duane Young (or possibly Charlie Ross):
Family shown on the 1850 Census in Ward 1 of Providence Rhode Island,including "Susan, ae. 1 6/12." This suggests she was born in lateDecember 1848 or early January 1849. In all likelyhood she was bornin Providence. Her father and mother are described on their marrriagerecord as being "of Providence," and "of North Providence." She islisted on the 1860 Census in Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut, as"Susan A." and she is undoubtedly the same Susan A. as the one whomarried Nelson Cole in Foster, Rhode Island, in 1866 as her mother had remarried there herself, also in a civil ceremonty, January 12, 1862.

Susan A. HAWKS, Spouse: Nelson G. COLE, Marriage: 2 Nov 1868, Civil,Foster, Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, LDS Batch number: M501942; Dates, 1850-1885; Source Call No.: 0941054; Type: Film.

It does beg the question who is John Waples as my mother recalls that name too! 
Hawkes, Susan Avis (I225)
144 From Duane Young:

"Hawkes, Adah Allwilda, daughter of Isaac & Flora, age 5 mos: " HALECOLLECTION, Headstones at "Sabin Cemetery" in Pomfret, Windham County, Connecticut, located near Pomfret R. R. Station.

According to my mother, Dorothy (Fitts) Young, the family saying was that Adah had been "born in April, died in September." 
Hawkes, Adah Allwilda (I625)
145 From Duane Young:

"Hawkes, James D., died Oct. 11, 1848, age 5 yrs 9 mos 23 days, son ofIsaac S. & Lillies:" HALE COLLECTION, Headstones at “Sabin Cemetery” in Pomfret, Ct., located near Pomfret R. R. Station.

Also see _Rhode Island Vital Records_ 8:248, d. given as "12 Oct 1848"and "6 yrs" and which curiously records his "kin" as Joshua Hathermanand Elizabeth Hathaway! These same people are recorded as the kin of Alpheus as well.

However, searching the published Rhode Island Vital Records at theNewport Hist. Soc., Kris and I discovered an entry for his brotherAlpheus' death recorded in Providence, Providence County, RhodeIsland, where he was listed as "Alpheus B." Although he too has atombstone in Pomfret, Windham County, Connecticut, he may haveactually died in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, giventhat death record. As the family was "still" in Providence in the1850 Census, this suggests that James also actually died inProvidence, but received a headstone in Pomfret after the family moved there. 
Hawkes, James D. (I636)
146 From Duane Young:

*The Rhode Island 1777 Military Census* shows Ephraim Mitchell, Sr.,age 60+, and Ephraim, Jr., age 16-50, both in North Kingstown.Ephraim, Sr., was born before 1717, so he could have been the grandfather of Lydia.

Also, an Ephraim Mitchell appears in Howard M. Chapin's *Rhode Islandin the Colonial Wars; A List of Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors inKing George's War, 1740-1748, and A List of Rhode Island Soldiers andSailors in the Old French & Indian War, 1755-1762* (1994, orig. pub.1918, 1920), p. 101. Ephraim Mitchell served in Capt. Greene's (4th)Co. (of Col. Sam'l Angell's Regt.) in 1757. Whether this was EphraimSnr. or Jnr. is impossible to say. Ephriam Snr., born bef. 1717,would be over 40 for the campaign. Not impossible as my ancestorDaniel Fitts was 50 when he joined Thomas Knowlton's Co. and went to fight at Bunker Hill (and died in Sept. during the Siege of Boston!) 
Mitchell, Ephraim (I885)
147 From Duane Young:

According to *The Richmond Family* he was a Quaker, near-sighted, andtook no part in the wars. A leather merchant. Richmond, JoshuaBailey, The Richmond Family, 1594-1896, and Pre-American Ancestors, 1040-1594, (Boston, 1897), 33, 70. 
Richmond, Stephen (I843)
148 From Duane Young:

Adams, Eliza L., daughter of John I. & Lillis, died Aug. 14, 1863, age9 mos 22 days. "HALE COLLECTION, Headstones at 'Sabin Cemetery' inPomfret, Windham County, Connecticut, located near Pomfret R. R.Station.  
Adams, Eliza Lillian (I641)
149 From Duane Young:

Alleged to be a direct descendant of the Hopkins on the Mayflower, butthis is not true, at least, not through the Hopkins Line. She washowever a descendant of Jonah Hopkins, who was 2d Cousin to StephenHopkins, chief justice of the Rhode Island colonial superior courtfrom 1751 to 1754 and again in 1773, governor of the Rhode Islandcolony between 1755 and 1767, a member of the Continental Congress,and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. They were bothdescendants of Thomas Hopkins, who was a member of Roger Williams Congregation that founded Providence.

Lillis Randell (Hopkins) Hawkes Adams, gave a "Scripture Book," a"remembrance" book -- dates of birthdays, weddings, funerals -- to"Lydia A. Hawkes, from her mother, July 3, 1888." In it Lilliesrecorded the births (and usually the deaths) of her children beforegiving it to her daughter Lydia. She gave her own birth date as April17, 1821. Lydia was Isaac F. Hawkes' youngest sister (Lura Hawkes'aunt). Lura came by the book because Lydia had no children, and whenLura was young, used to pity her as the only girl among six boys, andwould have Lura stay each summer with her and "Grama Adams." It wasgiven to me by my mother, Dorothy (Fitts) Young, who got it from Lura, her mother.

The Killingly Vital Records record that a Rev. Daniel Williams married"Isaac S. Hawkes, of Providence, R.I.," and "Lilis R. Hopkins, of North Providence, R.I., Feb. 5, 1842."

Lillis' first husband Isaac Sanford Hawkes, died in Pomfret, December08, 1860. Lillis then married (2nd) John I. Adams in 1862 in a civilceremony in Foster, Rhode Island. Lillis and John I. had at least onechild, Eliza L. Adams, born late in 1862, died just under ten monthsof age in August 1863. In the "Scripture Book" referred to above,Lillies wrote in a "Lillian E. Adams" born Dec. 22, 1862, died Oct.[sic] 14, 1863. The handwritting is Lillies', so, as the book waspresented 15 years after the tragic event of the death of a baby, perhaps she was a little confused?

There was one John Q. Adams, whom she entered in the "Scripture Book,"born Dec. 6, 1842, died May 14, 1864. Probably the same John Q.Adams, Company B., 18th Connecticut Volunteers, died at Martinsburg,Va., May 14, 1864, age 21 yrs, according to his G.A.R. tombstone inPomfret. There was another John Q. Adams, [late of] Company H., 18thRegiment, Connecticut Volunteers, died Sept. 9, 1884, G.A.R. Butfamily tradition has it "John Q." never came home from the war, and that Lillies later claimed a widow's pension.

Lillis, aka Lillies, aka Lillie, d. 14 Nov. 1907, Pomfret Connecticut,ae. 86, as "Lillies Hawkes Adams." Her tombstone reads "Hawkes,Lillies R. Hopkins, widow of Isaac S. & John I. Adams, born 1821, died1907: "HALE COLLECTION, Headstones at 'Sabin Cemetery' in Pomfret, Windham County, Connecticut, located near Pomfret R. R. Station.

According to Dorothy (Fitts) Young, Lillies was not given a middlename when she was born but chose the middle name of "Randall" because she liked it. 
Hopkins, Lillies Randall (I328)
150 From Duane Young:

Allegedly named for the minister who married his parents. LesterHoward, Min. of the Gospel, did sign their certificate, so perhaps its true.

He and Harriet had eight daughters and provided foster care (or adopted) five additional children. 
Hawkes, Lester Howard (I97)

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