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201 Her name could possibly be Louisa. There are two children listed withWillis and Lurissa in the 1870 - Ella Wilber, age 13 and Edith Wilber,age 11. These children could be daughters of Willis and his previouswife Rosannah Vibbert but they are not listed in the 1850 with Willisand Rosannah. They could also be daughters of Lurissa by a previousmarriage and just referred to as "Wilber" in the census. At thispoint, considering that they are also very much younger than Willisand Rosannah's son, Willis P,, I am assuming they are Lurissa's children. (--?--), Lurissa E. (I10748)
202 Hickory PA is in Washington County, not Clearfield County. Thelicense for Mable's marriage to George Bundy was issued in ClearfieldCounty but the minister who married them says they were married in Hickory??? Vibbert, Mable M. (I3292)
203 His children may not be with the right mother but I wasn't sure where to move them. Gaines, Ronald Lewis (I13115)
204 His death record mentions that he was buried in "Oak Hill" but there are at least three Oak Hill Cemeteries in Cook County, IL. Lawton, Edgar Crapo (I8639)
205 His DOD is wrong in the FindAGrave text but the picture shows the correct date. Vibbert, Samuel Louis (I2805)
206 Honor Bryant (born in MA) is named as Shep Vibbard's mother on hisdeath certificate but I have no other information about Honor except aYOB from Earl. However, Shep, age 11, is in the 1850 census with Harmony (Rust) Vibbard. So it seems a little farfetched. Bryant, Honor (I2963)
207 Horace and Mary apparently died within 8 days of each other, in the fall of 1830. His inscription on their common headstone reads,
Horace Vibert
son of Timothy and Lovina
d. Nov 1, 1830 ae. 8 mos.
Vibert, Horace (I455)
208 However Claud is buried with his second wife Jennet/Janet McFarland in West Barnet Cemetery. (--?--), Hannah (I879)
209 Source (S4455)
210 Source (S5370)
211 Source (S6125)
212 I also found a Macon County TN marriage record for Coleman Hammock andMinnie Templeton on 14 Jan 1925 which could also be this Colemandepending on when his first wife, Davie, died. I took a copy but haven't entered it yet since I have no corroborating evidence. Hammock, Coleman Jefferson (I11793)
213 I am assuming Blanche's maiden name is Beach because a sister-in-lawof Jesse Lane (presumably Blanch's sister) is living with them in the1900 census. She is 17 and single and her name is Leta Beach. Also, Jesse and Blanche are buried with Matthew and Louisa B. Beach Beach, Blanche (I11407)
214 I am assuming that because Jenny is not mentioned in Kathleen VibbertCreno's obituary in 1978 she is a daughter of a second marriage for Joseph that probably ended in divorce. (--?--), Unknown (I12591)
215 I am assuming that Peter died before the Lunts all left China in 1939since he is not travelling with his mother and two brothers and there don't seem to be any other records for him. Lunt, Peter (I13089)
216 I am not 100% convinced that this Abram Stratton is the son of Samueland Eunice. His DOB seems reasonable based on the marriage date ofSamuel and Eunice but he seems to have given his county of birth inthe 1855 as Ulster County which is pretty far removed from AlbanyCounty. On the other hand, he says his first two children were bornin Albany County which would fit Sam's Abram. None of the Ancestrytrees are helpful and I don't think I kept anything from the IGIsearch and I can't seem to find the same information on the current FamilySearch site. Stratton, Abram (I8385)
217 I am not sure about the identification of the William Wilson Vibbartin the WWI draft card with William Ellington Vibbert, son of HenryMartin Allen Vibbert. But William Ellington is the closest person Ihave to the name and DOB given by William Wilson in the draft card and he is single in the 1920 census. Vibbert, William Ellington (I2841)
218 I am not sure if the 1930 is actually Harry. The place is right andthe age is very close and the POB is right. Also, he was 17 when hemarried Edith. But where the heck is his wife? His son Harry S. iswith his aunt and uncle in Sheshequin (his parents died shortly after the 1920). Tompkins, Harry Joseph (I3318)
219 I am not sure that Albert (age 3 11/12 in the 1920) and Harris (age 16in the 1930) are the same but they are both listed as the oldest child, followed by Beatrice, so I assume they are. Hammock, Albert Harris (I11802)
220 I am not sure that the M. E. Stratton in the 1870 and the Maggie Stratton are the same person Le Noir, Margaret E. (I13299)
221 I am not sure the death record can be trusted. The age at death doesnot match the birth date on the birth record - the DOD seems to be thewrong year - and it looks like the records might have been recopied at some point. Buckland, Minnie (I11450)
222 I am not sure where the 2/26 DOB came from but Earl's spreadsheet has 2/15.

The DOD from the DAR application is definitely incorrect. 
Vibbard, Loring (I2097)
223 I can't seem to locate Glendale Cemetery under that name but there are lots of cemeteries (including Forest Lawn) in Glendale, CA. Cliff, Amelia A. (I5349)
224 I concluded that Orman and Bernice were brother and sister by the following chain of reasoning:
1. Bernice is with Abraham and Ina in Lincoln, Atchison County, Missouri
2. "Ormy" is with Henry and Anna Kemmerling in Clay, Atchison County, Missouri (no relationship given)
3. Bernice's death records identify her mother's maiden name as Kemmerling
Also, the Howe Family Tree by Susan Cote, which I have found to be quite accurate, identifies them as brother and sister as well. 
Ewing, Abraham L. (I12692)
225 I copied the birth index as 8/8/1894 but his WWI draft card says3/8/1894 so I think I must have miscopied the 3 as an 8 - need to verify. Vibbert, William Riley (I1899)
226 I don't find any indication in the McCarty/Vibbert tree that Russellhad another wife. He died in 1951 and Inez in 1970 so I suppose theycould have gotten divorced before his death and he remarried but myonly evidence so far for Ervin Glass is Phil Rhoton and I'm a little skeptical. Glass, Ervin (I2803)
227 I don't have any proof that the wife of George V. Chandler and motherof Clayton B. Chandler is Stella H. Ellis but several family trees inAncestry have this name. However, Clayton is staying with the WaltonC. Ellis family in Broome County in the 1930 census, listed as"nephew" of the HOH. This Walton could be a brother of Stella'sthough I haven't found them together in an earlier census. In the1940, Clayton is with Merton G. and Stella Babcock, also in BroomeCounty, and listed as "son". I think this is a second marriage forhis mother Stella and I think both Stella and Merton are buried in theNichols Cemetery in Tioga County where George V. and Clayton are also buried. Ellis, Stella H. (I5421)
228 I don't know where Earl got this date - maybe a typo for 7/1/1899 based on the 1900 census which says they've been married 1 year. Yelton, Cary (I2256)
229 I don't know where the 8/13/1964 marriage date came from but it is not correct. The 7/30/1939 date was supplied by George E. Vibberts, III. Vibberts, George Eben Jr. (I4255)
230 I don't think there is any evidence that Olin's middle name is"Blanchard". He is always referenced as Olin B. and in the 1910 hisson is referenced as Olin B., Jr. Yet in the 1934 birth record of hisgrandson Olin Clarence Varnum, the baby's father is named Olin BradleyVarnum. So I think it is more likely that Olin B. stands for OlinBradley in both instances. Bradley is a family name - Olin B., Dr.'sfather was named Joseph Bradley Varnum - but I have found no evidencethat Blanchard crops up in the family. However, in the end there is no evidence for either name so I am giving both. Varnum, Olin Blanchard (I3038)
231 I found a birth record for a Julia Wilson, born 6/29/1849 - presumablythe same date as Mary Roselle - but there is no birth record for Mary. So either they are twins or they are the same person and her name waschanged at some point. For the time being, I have added Julia as a separate person. Wilson, Mary Roselle (I12365)
232 I found a burial record for Darryl James McCoy (1947-2/26/1966) inMaple Hill Cemetery where most of the McCoys are buried. The DOB andburial place make him a strong candidate for Darwin and Dolly's son but I can't be sure. McCoy, Darryl (I15545)
233 I found a burial record in EH Town Clerk's card file - CenterCemetery, 4/17/1990 - no indication of plot but it does mean the SSDI DOD is incorrect. Porter, Hazel Laurienne (I476)
234 I found a California death record for Viola M Husske, born 1/24/1932,died 11/30/1963 in Los Angeles County. It seems possible, even likely, but I don't know what she would have been doing in CA.
Graham, Viola (I14043)
235 I found two marriage records for Dean and Marion - one on November 7,1918 and the other on June 25, 1920. The details are consistentexcept that the names of her parents are different. The second oneseems to have cross out marks on the actual record. So perhaps theygot married secretly first then did it again for the record. Theyclaim on the 1930 to have been married in 1920 and Dean is stillliving with his parents in January 1920 and saying he is single. So maybe they never told anyone about the first one.
Harris, Dean Wilson (I12076)
236 I have a copy of the DC but it is hard to read - either DOD could be correct. Blount, Marietta (I2169)
237 I have not been able to find any records for Peter Templeton in anycensus after 1880 and his mother Sarah only has one living child in 1900 - her daughter Sallie (Templeton) Ragland.
This is one of three apparent sons of James D. and Sarah (Vibbert) Templeton buried with them. There is no other information. 
Templeton, Peter (I10368)
238 I have some concerns over this person due to the different namespelling and the difference in his DOB. I've used the spelling ofEdward as opposed to Edwin because that is what he used in all of his "adult" censuses and that is what he named his son. Vibbert, Edward Robert (I1701)
239 I haven't been able to find Marion in the 1920 census so I can'tverify her marital status or her parents' names. If I had to bet, Iwould go with Alonzo Bailey and Grace Osbourne because they are whole names and because the Osbourne might explain Marion's middle initial. Bailey, Marion O. (I12048)
240 I need to check the NY MC to be sure - why two marriages? Is the Nebraska one real - the sources don't look great Vibbard, Mable Adeline (I1933)
241 I need to get hold of his obituary from the NY Times (or perhaps theChicago Tribune). The information I have about him seems to indicatethat his marriage to Sarah was the second for both and that her threechildren were from a first marriage to an L. J. Magnuson (or perhaps Magnusson). Paoli, Gerhard Christian (I11976)
242 I should look for her obit also - she was apparently a fairly well-know writer and friend of Jenny Lind in her day. Corning, Sarah (I9559)
243 I think her maiden name might not be Camp but that she was a widowwhen Chauncey married her. In the 1870 census they have three youngpeople staying with them surnamed Camp (ages 15-21). They could besiblings or nieces and nephews of Delia's or children from a previous marriage. Gulliver, Delia (I1100)
244 I think I found Samuel Hamilton in all four 1800s all-name censusesbut, though they are all close, I am not sure they are all the SamuelHamilton. 1850 looks pretty good - he is still single and thatchecks. But in the 1860 he has a wife named Elizabeth who is 10 yearsyounger (though Elizabeth could be Clarissa's middle name and the agecould be a vanity lie) and he is from Scotland (though he could havebeen Scots-Irish). In 1870, his age is off a bit but her name and ageare right but they have two little kids with them - Thomas andFrederick Tucker, ages 5 and 3 - who don't fit. Then in 1880, things are back to normal. Hamilton, Samuel M. (I1423)
245 I think it's very likely that his full name is James Ladd Taylor(after Ruth's mother, Sarah Ladd). He was on the 1900 census withSarah Stone Vibbert as Laddie Taylor, her step-grandson. Later, James was know as "Lottie" Taylor which could be a corruption of Laddie. Taylor, James L. (I12435)
246 I think that her actual DOB is probably 12/17/1909 and the 1 got movedfrom the day to the month somewhere along the line. The birth recordclearly says 12/17. As for the year, the birth record has a lot ofditto mark in a column where the year varies and I think someone justmade a mistake. "Flossie" in in the 1910 and she is 4 months old so 12/1909 seems right. On the other hand, the SSDI says 2/9/1909??? Farlee, Effie G. (I13215)
247 I think that Lina must have married and had one or more childrenbetween the 1930 and 1940 censuses. I haven't found her in the 1940but on her enlistment record in 1944 she gives her status as singlewith dependents and she is using her maiden name. One of the Ancestryfamily trees seems to indicate a first husband (privatized) but Ihaven't found any other evidence of the children yet. In 1958 she islisted in Orange County CA voter records with Edgar Lentz at the same address. Waldron, Lina Bessie (I13861)
248 I think the 1880 DOB is correct because it matches his age on the draft card. Also, the 1900 census shows 12/1880. Cullen, Jacob Coleman (I3626)
249 I think the 1900 census is her but I'm not sure. She was living inWorcester when she was married so she might come back as a widow. Shehas a son Frederick F. and both of their ages are correct. The onlything is that Frederick says he was born in MA and his parents both were too. Plus I didn't find any other candidates. Fay, Emily E. (I12213)
250 I think this is the "Arvil" Vibbert mentioned in the obituary of Hattie G. (Vibbert) Whitlow. Vibbert, James Orville (I3332)

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