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51 Barbara Baker has some evidence that Clarissa was married to a Cheney first but I can't seem to find anything. Vibert, Clarissa (I942)
52 Barbara found a reference to the will of Benjamin Pratt (bp.2/12/1769, probated in Hartford 10/2/1839) which mentions his daughterMary, the wife of Chester Viberts. This has to be Chester, son ofJohn, so it's possible that Mary Pratt = Mary Ann Cooley Vibert ifMary Ann was married to a Cooley prior to her marriage with Chester.Or Chester could have had another wife after Mary Ann who was MaryPratt. But there just isn't enough information about Chester and MaryAnn to cross-check with so I'm leaving her as Cooley for the timebeing. I took a copy of the relevant page of the book that mentioned Mary Pratt Vibert and put them in John's folder. Cooley, Mary Ann (I1199)
53 Barbara found an engagement announcement in a MT paper for Aubrey andRuth Hillman of St. Paul MN dated 7/28/1902 but he continues to reporthimself as single in the 1910 and his draft registration card.However, she found a passenger manifest for 1914 where Aubrey is shown as married (although he isn't accompanied by a wife). Vibbert, Aubrey Darrell (I1297)
54 Barbour (in Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut, page 116)mentions that she might be Amy Bishop or Amy House but gives no further information. (--?--), Amy (I546)
55 Barbour Collection, Connecticut Vital Records; Voluntown: Births,Marriages, Deaths, 1708 -- 1850, (Connecticut State Library, 1919), vol. 2, 132. Rouse, Betsy (I826)
56 Based on DOB, she may be the same person as Cynthia. Hayner, Charlotte (I14223)
57 Berah's enlistment record says he's married, apparently to someone named Martha (see burial record). Vibbeart, Berah T. (I5581)
58 Birth Index has it spelled as Levanchia (at least as near as I could make out). Vibbard, Lavantia (I10670)
59 Birth record has a name of Maydora Vibbard. Vibbard, Florence Agnes (I2915)
60 Birth record reads Anna but that is probably a mistranscription by the indexers or by me. Vibbard, Aura (I5955)
61 Birth record refers to unnamed male Vibbard but the date matches whatI already had from his WWI Draft Card and the location is what I would expect. Vibbard, Charles Loren (I3217)
62 Born at home at 90 Main St., Unionville, Hartford County, Connecticut.
Attended Loomis, Farmington, Arnold College(became part of Univ. of Bridgeport).
Served in Army in Germany during 1954-56
Teacher in private school in the St. Louis area for some years.
Teacher in The Wheeler School untill his retirement c. 1994.
Vibert, Thomas Monteith (I23)
63 Born in 1770?
Moved with family in 1775 to Rygate.
Moved from Rygate to Barnet, Vt. in 1780
Brock, Jean (I245)
64 Both of the possible DODs I have are for 1857 and that is apparentlywhat was on her tombstone (although the date is now unreadable) butshe is apparently on the 1860 census (taken 6/30/1860) with her sonLorenzo's family. Her age is off by quite a bit (she is age 69 - DOB about 1791 rather than 1780) but I don't know who else it could be.

Here is what Barbara has to say about it:
Yes, we definitely have a problem with 1857 as a DOD. Besides beingon 1860 she is on 9/21/1857 St Paul MN Census with Lorenzo and hisfamily, age 70, In 1870 she is 71. In 1850 she was 50 but I think itwas 60. In 1840 she was 40-50. In 1830 she was 30-40. In 1820 she was20-45. In 1810 she was 26-44. Age at cemetery is 77 yrs, 1mo 13 da.If she died in 1867 that would compute to DOB as 5/2/1790 which wouldbe more consistent with censuses exc 1810. I think she probably diedin 1867, born 1790. You comment that in 1810 he already has 4children. I don't think this is necessarily so since there is anextra male of age. It doesn't seem likely that they all would havedied with no evidence of them. We only have 3 children for them allborn after 1809. I don't see a way to settle this without new info.I just noticed Earl's handwritten notes say died 6/15/1887 age 77, which is even further off. 
(--?--), Margaret (I2003)
65 Brenda was cremated and her ashes scattered at Pawley Island Beach, South Carolina by her daughter Kelly. Pearl, Brenda Lee (I53)
66 Bula E. (Edna) was born 5/29/1922 so Elemuel was alive in August,1921. The online trees seem to indicate that he died in 1923 so themost likely scenario is a DOM of 1923 or later but before the 1930 census. Templeton, Elemuel Jefferson (I11737)
67 Buried Manchester, Hartford County, Connecticut Center Cemetery
Information from Brooks Family Library.
Scott, Rachel (I387)
68 Buried: Grantwood Cemetery, Tucson, Arizona
Exhumed and reburied at Stuart, Florida
Vibert, Ruthven Monteith (I18)
69 Came to America in 1784.
Built brick house in 1820 in McIndoe Falls, Caledonia County, Vermont.
Gilchrist, Alexander (I244)
70 Can't be absolutely sure the Shirley Murray in the SSDI is Shirley Vibbard Murray though. Vibbard, Shirley Ann (I13569)
71 Carrie reported two children, one living, on the 1900 census but Ihaven't added the dead child anywhere since I don't know which husband was the father.

Earl reported Noah Chauncey's wife's name as Elizabeth Trinini butthis seems to have been due to an incorrect interpretation of a newsarticle about Noah's death which referred to a brother-in-law named Trinini who was probably married to Carrie's sister. 
Dunning, Carrie Eva (I5644)
72 Catherine's maiden name is on Adelia's death certificate but it is unreadable on my copy. (--?--), Catherine (I10847)
73 Census Returns of England and Wales, 1871, Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO), 1871 Source (S4904)
74 Charles Rutter posted the DOB and DOD for this child on the VibbertGenForum site on 2/15/1999 with no source cited. It seems like itmust be the same child referenced in the Buckland Record Book sent tome by Steve Wiley but there is no evidence yet on which dates arecorrect. I suppose it is also just barely possible there were two different children. Buckland, Unknown (I1550)
75 Clarence was living with his aunt and uncle, Sallie (Templeton) andJohn N. Ragland, in the 1910 and 1920 census and next door to them inthe 1930. He reported his age as 21 on the 1920 and his status assingle. The age is consistent with his DOB on the 1900 but his DOM isquestionable. He says in 1930 that he was married at age 20 but itcould not have been before later in 1920. On the other hand, his wifeLillian, 26 in 1930, says she was married at age 14 so it is possible she had a first marriage around 1918. Templeton, Clarence D. (I10373)
76 Connecticut Department of Health, Connecticut Death Index, 1949-2001, Hartford, CT, USA: Connecticut Department of Health Source (S4894)
77 Curiously enough, Frank is in both the 1900 and 1910 censuses as amarried man but his wife, Frances, is not with him either time. In1900, he is with his parents and says (correctly) he has been married4 years. In 1910, he is living alone as a lodger and says it's hisfirst marriage and he has been married 3 years (assuming it's the right guy). Cook, Frances (I7956)
78 Darlene also has a daughter Melissa (--?--) Freed but I am not sure if she is a Skaggs or a Faulkner yet.
I also found other possible (name - Darlene Vibbert and ages are right) marriages for Darlene to:
John E. Lasley - 5/7/1983 - Jefferson County
Joseph E. Stamper - 10/3/1987 - Oldham County
Logan L. Estes - 8/22/1991 - Warren County
They are possible from the POV of the DOB of the two Skaggs children Ihave so far - the Skaggs marriage would come first and the Faulkner marriage last. 
Vibbert, Easter Darlene (I9887)
79 Date is based on DOD for Jerusha and DOB of (first/) child, Jerusha. - AVW Family F441
80 David is a grandson of Margaret E. Buckland Cook Baker. Source (S4145)
81 Death certificate gives YOB as 1836 but her age at birth (69y10m7d) indicates 1835 (the date on her gravestone) is correct. Garner, Barbara M. (I3050)
82 Death notices for Lovina noted at Connecticut. State Library: Hartford Times, 8/12/1848 p. 573
Hartford Courant, 8/12/1848 p. 1189
Columbian Register, 8/19/1848 p. 527
Wrisley, Lovina (I452)
83 DOB on 1900 census is probably Jan, not Jun. Vibbert, Anna Mary (I3223)
84 Dorie appears in many records as Dory, which is sometimes misread asDevy or Dovey but she is listed as Dorie in the 1940 census and could possibly be Doris also. Jackson, Doris Elizabeth (I5692)
85 Earl gives a DOM of 11/1873 but they are already married in the 1870. Vibbard, James Watson (I2325)
86 Earl had 04 Sep 1929 as DOM but the index had 14 Sep so I changed to that. Vibbard, Milford Angus (I2312)
87 Earl had this DOD but I don't see it in the NYVRs Index. Vibbard, Emily Ethelyn (I3234)
88 Earl has 1881 for YOD but the cemetery record says 1882 so I'm going with that. Vibbard, Lyman Patrick (I2092)
89 Earl has a DOB of 10/6/1808 but I believe he misread the DC. 10/12 isfrom the Bible record. and matches with the DC if you read the age at death as 78/11/12. Raymond, Ann Eliza (I2081)
90 Earl has a DOD of 08 Oct 1936. Booyer, Sarah Jane (I1915)
91 Earl has Elizah dying on 8/27/1829 which isn't possible if she marriedand had children so either the DOD or the husband and kids belong to someone else. Vibbard, Elizah A. (I3917)
92 Earl has her as Maria Batt, born 1845. The census records for1870-1910 (and their gravestone) consistently show that she was 10years older than James. The 1910 also shows it is her second marriage. Ballard, Mariah (I2075)
93 Earl has her DOB as 12/18/1841 but her DC gives the November date(both directly and calculated from age) so I don't know where he got the December one. Fisher, Eliza Jane (I2270)
94 Earl has Julius H. and all of the documents (including the 1850census) seem to have H. also but I have left the entry for Julius M. in case I stumble on the source for it. Vibbard, Julius H. (I3783)
95 Earl has Mary S. instead of Mary L. Campbell, Mary L. (I1911)
96 Earl has the DOB as 12/3/1915. Dyer, Louise (I4352)
97 Earl has the DOB as 1811. Vibbard, Lorenzo Jones (I1730)
98 Earl has the DOB as 5/5/1910 but I am assuming that is just a typo. Pope, Arlene J. (I4020)
99 Earl has the DOD as 1/12/1884 but I'm not sure where he got it. Vedder, Mary Ann (I1282)
100 Earl has the YOB as 1929 but she is 5 in the 1930 so I think he must have misread something. Vibbard, Helen Frances (I2996)

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